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#1 Resume Mistake Which Could be Costing you Interviews!

April 23, 2021

Are you still spending hours of time applying for jobs through job sites & LinkedIn?

Or are you setting a new job alert every day, hoping that someone will notice your application and give you a call?

Trust me I have been there myself. It took me 516 rejected job applications to get my first professional job in Australia. However, over the next 5 years, I have been able to land multiple job offers, promotions in global companies such as Honda, Kaufland and ABB and some of them I didn't have to apply online.

My resume was a key factor in making that happen. Not only did it help me get in the door, but it allowed me to get referrals and land jobs without even applying.

You see, the only difference between my resume and some other top candidates were two small, simple details.  

💡 I added quantitative results

💡 I formatted my experience using a specific formula (Which I'll explain below)

Let's talk about #1

The Single Biggest Mistake People Make When Writing Their Resume

I have read and reviewed hundreds of resumes and over 90% of them are missing the exact same thing:


Here are some examples:

Resume #1

⭕ Responsible for answering calls and customer enquiries within customer service team.

Resume #2

⭕ Managed customer enquiries and calls within the set KPI's and improved resolution rate by 5% within 6 months.

Who would you hire? I'd take Resume#2

Why? Resume#1 looked like a thousand others and didn't include what you have achieved and deliver any insights of your performance.

I know that you might be thinking that if you're new into the workforce or may have done some short-term internships or contract roles in the past, it’s not possible to always translate everything you have done in the form of an achievement, right?

Yes that's true, but however if you re think your approach and try to use this formula into any task that you have done, you will be able to come up with some quantitative results that you may have accomplished directly or indirectly.

So how can we take these learnings and apply them to your resume?

By using the 💡Cause & Effect formula.

This super simple formula will help you showcase your experience and achievements in an effective way that will separate you from most applicants.

When writing a bullet on your resume, start by describing the action or role you played (the cause), and then follow that up with a measurable result (the effect).

Here are a few examples:

If the job description says "Performing testing to identify defects"

You can say:

Performed comprehensive audits and testing, identified and addressed defects which led to a 15% performance increase in the production process.

See the pattern here?


If you are struggling to see the results you want from your resume, showcasing your achievements in your resume with quantitative results is definitely going to help you get over the hump! The cause & effect formula will showcase the exact amount of value that you bring to the table - recruiters will take notice and so will hiring managers.

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