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3 LinkedIn Tricks To Get Instant Profile Views From Recruiters

April 8, 2021

You might have heard this from many other professionals and experts in the industry. That LinkedIn is the future for jobs and the best platform to land a role even without applying through traditional job sites.

But the question is HOW?

First think about how you use LinkedIn now. Do you use it as a job portal like Seek or CareerOne to find and just apply for jobs? Or may be reaching out to a recruiter or a hiring manager whenever you see a job that you're interested? If you're doing this, please take a step back as it is not the right approach to build rapport.

When speaking to a professional or hiring manager, listen to what they have to say first. Build rapport, learn and provide value to them. If you simply ask "I would like to apply", "I'm available immediately" or "Pass your resume to someone you know", it will seem like you're using them get you "ahead" of the competition. Once you build a rapport with them and when they know the value that you bring in, they will come to you with job offers. This is the best way to access the "hidden job market"

Also, you might have a LinkedIn profile but are you getting profile views and calls / messages from recruiters with job offers? If not, here are 3 important tricks that you can use today to immediately boost your LinkedIn profile.

1. Customise your public URL

Customising your public profile URL is one of the most common settings that many job seekers overlook. Do you know that this is a very quick and efficient way to differentiate yourself from all the candidates out there? It makes your profile easier to find thus increasing your chances to get more views significantly.

Does your profile URL still look like below?

Here's how to customise your profile URL:

· Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.

· Click View profile.

· Click Edit public profile & URL on the right side.

· You’ll be redirected to the Public profile settings page.

· Under Edit your custom URL on the right side, click the icon next to your public profile URL. Edit

· It'll be an address that looks like

· Type the last part of your new custom URL in the text box.

· Click Save.

2. Review and Expand your job preferences

Let's say if you are looking for project manager roles, you can research other similar roles out there in the market that suit your skillset and experience and update in your job preferences section.  

As per example below, a project manager with a background of change management, business analysis can include roles such as "Change manager" and "IT Business Partner" which will instantly boost your profile's search appearances.

3. Your skills, are they endorsed?

How does LinkedIn decide which candidates to show up on results? This is another important part that many job seekers overlook. LinkedIn uses an algorithm to search and rank candidates based on their skills & number of endorsements for each skill. More endorsements you have for a skill, higher you will rank on search results.

Any skill that is not endorsed will not be factored into the algorithm.

Investing in skills and getting them endorsed by your colleagues will drastically improve views and your chances being noticed by recruiters and hiring managers.


Your LinkedIn profile can do so much more than you think. It is important to invest time on building a keyword optimised LinkedIn profile and applying above strategies to rank higher on recruiter searches, thus increasing your chances to get noticed to land job offers even without applying online.

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