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that you can use to get immediate responses from recruiters / hiring managers.

LinkedIn OpTimisation

How to use LinkedIn to land an interview without local experience and connections.
# 1

Cover letter Strategy

to separate yourself from 99% of other candidates.

Pan’s Job winning formula

Pan Perera

Founder of Elevar Career Coaching

“We went with someone who had more experience” 
“Your background doesn’t match as well as some of our other candidates”

Sounds familiar?

“I was looking for jobs when I moved to Australia and when I started getting hundreds of rejection Emails like above, I thought that something was wrong with me”

“Is it my resume? My Interview skills? My background?”

It was so tempting to stick to my part-time job as long as possible since nothing was working.

However, after 516 rejected job applications I changed my perspective.

I realised a process that land your dream job without applying online, with no local experience and connections.

I learnt powerful strategies that I can simply use through LinkedIn & Emails and I finally got my first job in Australia even without applying online.

Over the next 5 years, I was able to excel in my career landing multiple promotions, 20% or more salary increments every year.

I managed teams over 5+ people in global organisations such as Honda, ABB & Kaufland.

I continued to test and apply the same strategies to land these jobs without applying online.

My name is Pan Perera & I am the founder of Elevar Career Coaching.

I help fresh graduates and skilled migrants land their dream job without prior experience and connections.

Click the button below to get my proven, step-by-step framework for finding your dream job completely free!

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What People are saying

“I was able to sign a contract within 3 weeks after taking professional career guidance & resume writing services by Elevar Career Coaching. My salary also increased by 20,000AUD and I believe this is the best investment I have made in my life.

Pan is an excellent coach and I highly recommend his services & strategies."

Pasindu Sandeepa
System Support | Network Engineer
Lashini De Costa
Business Analyst

“After I completed my master’s degree, I was struggling to get job interviews as I had no  previous experience, and I wasn’t sure if my resume had the right format & content to stand  out among others. 

Pan helped me to craft a professional, tailored resume which was concise and superbly  written with all keywords required. I was able to secure a full-time job within 2 weeks.”

Mayuka Perera
Mechanical Engineer

“As most of us struggle to land a job or an interview in our professional fields, I got my resume and LinkedIn profile modified by Elevar. Pan made it look extremely easy and took the stress out of me by fixing my resume and LinkedIn in few days.

He used effective terms, content and key words on my resume and LinkedIn profile so that the profiles will stand out from other applicants. From the start, he was very attentive and responsive, I landed a job within 2 weeks. These guys know what they are doing and I would highly recommend their services to anyone who’s struggling to land interviews.”

ELevar Career coaching

Our Services

Resume writing

Limited experience or new to the country? 

We will help you to turn your university projects, internships, and overseas experience into an action packed ATS-friendly resume to get noticed by hiring managers & recruiters.

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Cover letter writing

Still using a generic cover letter?

We will craft a tailored cover letter for you that perfectly matches your skills and the job of your interest which will make you stand out among competition.

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LinkedIn Profile Keyword Optimisation

Land job offers without applying online

Your LinkedIn profile can do so much more than you think. We will help you to build your digital resume optimised with keywords so the recruiters can find you and offer job opportunities without you applying.

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Interview Coaching

Not sure what to expect at your interview?

We will work with you to research the company, job role and the interviewers to build a customised plan for you to tackle all the questions with confidence and ace the interview.

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Working towards one single goal: helping you land your dream  job

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We are just not a resume writer who will copy your current details or the job description  into a nice resume format. There is plenty out there in the market who can do that for you. 

We focus on results and that is helping you land interviews and jobs even without previous  experience or connections. We mean it and our Google reviews are a proof for it. 

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