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What People are saying

“Within the first minute of reading the toolkit, I found 3 crucial mistakes that I’ve done in my resume. After updating the changes, I received 2 calls from recruiters wanting to discuss job opportunities even without applying.

The toolkit provides great insights that a job seeker from any level can use immediately to boost your resume & LinkedIn.”

Angelica Castellanos

“This eBook has great tips that you can use to improve your resume and LinkedIn profile immediately and can be easily applied for any industry.

LinkedIn messaging & Email templates for reaching out to recruiters & hiring managers are so valuable especially for school leavers and fresh graduates who are planning to find their first job in Australia”

Rhys Gamack
Contracts Manager | Customer Service Specialist

“After getting my resume done from Elevar, I started receiving multiple calls and responses for job  opportunities which finally led me to securing a job of my dreams within 2 weeks.

The strategies and guidance received from my free consultation not only made me stand out from  the rest, but also increased my level confidence during the whole interview process.”

Suharsha Wickramasinghe
Full stack Software Engineer